Cloud Tangle's sound and aesthetic originates heavily from film as much as it does music. Over time the project has stemmed back to these internal influences, in particular scoring short films. The cinematic emotion embodied in the projects sound subtly showcases the desire to be married with film and visual content. 

This began with building promotional videos, embarking in film photography and curating projection films for live shows.  Amber (Cloud Tangle) began by writing for The Void, a short film that matched the mystery and heartbreak of the project perfectly, and from there - going on to score more unreleased short films.

Cloud Tangle's third album, expected in 2022, and will be released as an OST for the projects debut short film. The music itself will be a culmination of all previous releases combined, while the cinematography draws on minimalism and subtlety. This release will push the boundaries of what it means to be a DIY artist and creator, and hopefully draw the project's binaries of film and music even closer together. 

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