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Sophomore album 'Swells' out now.

Swells is a dark and brooding glimpse into the new chapter of Brisbane project Cloud Tangle. Expansive textures of synthesizers and vocals build a sense of lament and apprehension leading you into a dreamlike state of ambiguity.

Cloud Tangle - Swells

"Settle yourself on your couch or in that warm bath, close your eyes, slow your breathing, and transcend with the hauntingly delicate and refined vocals of Cloud Tangle to regions beyond and enter the depths and layers of your soul perhaps never knew you had."

-Jenny Syratt

Swells is a collection of songs written over the summer of 2020 in Ramsay's bedroom. The concept of the album was focused heavily on the instrumentation, which was limited to a Juno synthesizer, vocals & Logic Pro. Testing the limits yet again of the 'DIY Artist', the outcome sways the usual cinematic and live instrumentation towards a more artificial yet still expansive sound. The album brings a sense of angst and energy that brews under the surface.

"The ambient atmosphere – mysterious and alien, continues in ‘Empty Company’: Ramsay sounds like a celestial being gazing upon the Earth: observing, cold and distant and yet creating antithetically a warm embrace through the bubbling synths and clattering drums. Like the other tracks, there is a statuesque and measured pace – sombre at times but ultimately hypnotic and enchanting."

-Backseat Mafia

Listen to 'Swells' HERE.

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